ART MATTERS specializes in appraisal reports for:


Insurance appraisals provide current Replacement Value of your fine art objects – which is typically the amount of compensation insurance companies will pay, regardless of market value.

Charitable Donations:

The Internal Revenue Service requires an itemized fair market value appraisal performed by a qualified professional appraiser for all non-cash art donations worth more than $5,000.

Estate Valuation:

Impartial appraisals can provide peace of mind and help eliminate disputes over value.

Equitable Distribution:

A certified appraisal is an important tool to assist with the equitable distribution of assets when bequeathing objects to children or other family members or in the event of dissolutions of business or marital relationships.


These types of appraisals identify the value of the damaged or lost property to facilitate claim settlements and disputes.


Appraisal valuation fees are charged at an hourly rate in accordance with the time required to do the research and to write the appraisal. An estimate for services is provided prior to the start of the appraisal. Please contact us for more information.


Art Collection Management

For art lovers who own more than a few pieces, it is crucial to maintain a centralized record of their entire collection, including pertinent information about each piece. Art Matters will help determine the most appropriate method of collection management. From simple tools collectors can maintain themselves to fully functional databases, Art Matters provides a complete inventory of your collection for tracking and insurance purposes.

Art Consultation

Art Matters assists private collectors and corporations in forming sophisticated collections of modern and contemporary artwork. We work with any size budget and utilize art galleries, auction houses and artists’ studios to acquire artwork for our clients. Ms. Cofer and Art Matters LLC hold no inventory and work expressly for each individual client.